SSIS© Social Security Information System


The Social Security and Pensions Funds automated management System is an integrated set of SPECIFIC applications built up consistently.  It meets the requirements of all processing automation from « Registration » to « Statistics » (up to SSIAC standards or in a generic shape) through the full cycle of production modules that take up « Contributions », « Multi-branches Benefits » and « Benefits Payments ».


Functionally, this new software version which includes eleven (11) applications, integrated the new concepts of traceability, EDM (Electronic Document Management), BPM (Business Process Management) and Workflow through multiple validations.

Files management includes up-load of the supporting documents proving entitlement with the possibility to connect the Front Office (Information desk) with the Electronic Document Management (EDM).

In order to extend automation to the standard management functions (administrative, financial and logistics), our ERP has been natively integrated to the SSIS via accounting interfaces that incorporate SSIAC requirements in accrual and costs accounting system: Management/branch and analytical section; this interface is able to generate the automatic entries into other accounting systems.

Besides the  processing aspects, the system takes into account the database issues (specific repository, employers, insurants and beneficiaries) by ensuring a rigorous management when up-loading and up-dating them: detection of duplicates, kinship management, logins tracing whenever data changes occur.

Although many versions of the system have been set up and improved throughout decades, the present one is the result of a complete overhaul that used the most recent high technology tools and processes: Web orientation, J2EE, Open source development tools, JBOSS applications server.

With the WEB version which used the J2EE technology and development tools, automation can be extended to the Net services which is the dynamic online web-portal. On top of being an information source, it enables the insurants to view their status, and the employers to submit their declarations electronically.

On top of its high level quality, J2EE technology facilitates deployment from a distance for regional management to get connected from the same server and access safely to database via SSO and LDAP.

Besides the software aspect as such, G.I. provides the services inherent to the implementation of a large System (15 missions for framework studies, adaptation, training, etc.) and emphasizes the importance of data migration and remediation which are two phases of important issue for the Social Security Institutions.