Our Software presentation


GI is highly qualified in the design, the development and the implementation of professional computerized solutions integrated in Relational Databases (Oracle, …) in the following fields:

THE SOCIAL SECURITY INFORMATION SYSTEM, is a technical solution to manage the usual branches : Pensions, Family Benefits, OR, PS, etc… Processing starts from registration statements, till clearance and benefits payments .

The ERP which gathers standard origin applications intended for the automation of financial and logistic administrative management whatever is the activity of the company: bank, Industry, distribution, official establishment.


Being rich and functional, GI software is a bench-mark for large accounts. It capitalized long experience and focused on complementarities:

  • Performance and high quality
  • Specific-oriented applications when implementing by raising the importance of supporting sessions that are needed to carry out the project successfully (Training, support, advice, etc.)

Since GI knows the particular characteristics of each institution, G.I. may consider the possibility to credit the source code of its programs and undertake full and continuous adjustments until it meets the specific needs of each country situation.

GI has made a redesign of its new business solutions that leverage the latest technological possibilities of the moment:

WEB Orientation leaning on J2EE (Java operating on JBOSS)
The introduction of BPM concepts (Business Process Management) & Workflow
Increased security processing with SSO (Single Sign On) for access authorizations at multiple stages of validation and traceability of the majority of transactions
The interfacing with EDM software when existing especially on documents deposit
Open subsystems network : Windows / Linux
Relational databases: ORACLE -leader the market- and other SQL standards databases, etc.