The application ‘Pensions’ (including retirement, incapacity, and survivor allowances), ensures the management of the pensions or allowances files since submission by the insurants or the beneficiaries until they are cleared and closed, this step being taken up by the application “Benefits Payments”.

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It is based essentially on the data processed in the application “Registration” as far as insurants and employers identification is concerned and on the data processed in the application “Contributions” in order to have access to the quarters that have been reported and the wages filled out by the employers in the insurant individual form, and that will be used to calculate the pensions and allowances to be granted.

The application main functionalities allow users to:

  • Ensure an external configuration of the law, the ratio, transactions and ages per category,
  • Handle the Pensions files,
  • Handle the pension beneficiaries and their status changes,
  •  Handle the beneficiaries of Pensions and carry out the changes of their status,
  • Do the follow-up of files or workflow,
  • Send reminders and notifications to the beneficiaries of incapacity or early retirement pensions
  • Simulate a pension calculation,
  • Take into account the subsidized Funds,
  • Identify clearing elements and print a complete detailed sheet,
  • Clearing of the pensions,
  • Validate and print the decisions made regarding the demands.

Main features are:

  • The traceability of occurrences in the “follow-up” module,
  • The consistency of beneficiaries data stocked in the family cluster,
  • The clarity in settlement rules,
  • The distinction between automatic clearing process and adjustments process with maximum precautions and safety when processing.

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