Benefits Payments

The Application Benefits Payments is an application which ensures the payments of benefits generated and cleared in the three branches of the applications :

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  • ‘Pensions’
  • ‘Occupational Risks (OA/OD)’
  • ‘Family Benefits’

Payment is the ultimate phase of a whole process that involves the accumulation rules applied in the calculation of these benefits as well as the definition of the family relationship of the beneficiaries who are eligible for more than one benefit. Eligibility is stated by checking if the beneficiaries reference numbers match.
In this application, the beneficiaries entitled to provisions on benefits are also processed (provision for alimony, oppositions on benefits, etc.).
This application runs also the relevant reports and the statistics statements printing.

In this application, users will find the functions they mostly require to :

> Check that the serial numbers of the beneficiaries of a benefit match,

> Handle the beneficiaries and the provisions on allowances,

> Settle the multi-modes benefits payments involving several stages :

  • Opening and closing sessions in connection with cashflow
  • Set up payments and simulation of estimated payments charts for management to prepare and allocate funds
  • Printing the benefits payments bulletins with countless multi criteria status
  • Settle the payments per mode, identification, validation and production of payment documents including cheques automatic printing and automatic transfers by bank
  • Administration and supervision of payments transactions by head-cashiers.
  • Review the settled payments

> Book the allowances and the payments, and up-date the individual accounts.

> Run the particular processing such as cancellation, mode or domiciliation change, suspension, radiation or opposition as well as chargebacks.