The Social Security institutions front and back offices are faced with continuous flows of insurants, employers and beneficiaries who come to query on their files status, to submit their documents and collect their payments.
“Front Office” application helps back office agents respond to first level queries and stand as a central office for documents filing.
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The Front Office is a real INTRANET which computing services are carried out by counters officers or by the social security institution decions makers who aim to :
Organize, manage and control the workflow at counters: Reception and orientation towards counters, handle waiting queues and provide supervisor with the counters statistics to optimize the workload.

At counters :

  • Inform employers, insurants and beneficiaries about their personal records and their cases and provide them with some certificates immediately.
  • Load the periodical (or non periodical) documents that have been submitted in exchange of a receipt ans supply the central base with data, whereas connected or not to an Electronic Documents Managment.
  • Take up receipts from employers and in some cases, payments to insurants (punctual payments, daily allowances, adjustments) via « Cash Management » application.

Automated modules are:

The back office team claim overhaul information to answer a request received by mail or by phone from a user or from an authority.
This is called “first level” information because answers can be unconvincing or case more complexe; in this case, the user will be oriented towards the back office where the technical team will take up the case to examine it more thorougly.

At the counter, the agent has access to all information matters and is then able to handle pending matters.

These matters are :

  • Submission of documents and certificates
  • Receipts from employers
  • Payments of benefits

When a document or a certificate is submitted, a receipt is printed and remitted to the person at counter.
Counters standing as cash desks have specific functionalities connected to cash management.