Referential and Data Base

Financial and Accounting Referential and Data Base

This application is the backbone of the Financial System which includes 7 integrated functions. It covers the Financial & Accounting nomenclature as well as thirds identifying data sheets: Clients & other debtors, suppliers and other creditors, and banks and bank branches accounts.

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Financial general set-up :

Parameters are set-up to design the standard accounts and the journal of posted entries and to match the automatic accounting.

Core of the System :

The financial referential is a complement to the General Referential. The Thirds, once set-up, are the single database to refer to in the Financial System as a whole or in any application separately: Purchase, Sale, Treasury, etc.

Thirds : An extensive database for further use

Full definition of bank accounts :

In correspondence and in Banks conditions.

Definition of financial statements :

Opportunity to set-up own accounts plan and draw up its contents: Standard accounting results (balance sheet, Cash management, etc.) and all the necessary variants.

Budget canvas :

Definition of the personalized budget canvas per type and per centre.