This application, being integrated into the General, Auxiliary & Analytical Accounting, uses analytical imputation according to a specific method -called « method of homogenous sections »- to produce the accounting results. Since costs are included in the General, Auxiliary and Analytical Accounting, this application allows adjustments in the form of asset transfers and allocations in order to reach net results per cost center or per profit center. With its native capacity for interfacing, it easily integrates with all the existing applications in which costs and incomes are imputed analytically, for example: Salaries, stocks, fixed assets, etc…

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Example of a specific allocation :

It is possible to include prorates to spread indirect or shared costs per section, and to allocate the auxiliary sections in the main ones.

Distribution of indirect costs :

The figures included in the accounts associated to one or many analytical sections are extracted automatically from the General accountancy. The accounts that are not associated to a section are allocated according to prorates.

Assets transfers :

The analytical entries are loaded in this module in order to be used further to adjust figures in cross-reference sections, according to the principle of double-entry bookkeeping.

Allocation of the results in the auxiliary sections :

Once the shared costs are distributed and the asset transfers processed, this module is used to unfold the last phase of the process in which the results of the auxiliary sections (called functional sections) are allocated to the main sections (called operational sections).

Printing the analytical results :

Analytical results are already in the General, Auxiliary and Analytical Accountancy. This module helps get the final figures after distribution and adjustment.