In this application, the transactions are processed upstream and downstream in order to take up the transactions at birth, follow them in all their phases up to remittance to banks, booking and reporting, etc, and finally submit statements based on value dates and/or due dates in order to: Show surpluses or deficits, in the treasury, submit the documents of settlements, identify the debts and produce reminders, cross-checking and reconciliation, keep a cash, synthesize receipts and expenses and thirds commitments for cash tracking purposes.  Téléchargez le PDF

Handling the receipts :

The up-load of receipts is done at the front-office or in the back-office with or without automatic cross-checking.

Handling the expenses :

The payments are up-loaded in sequence with or without automatic cross-checking and issuing receipts.

Schedule of payments :

Track and reminders of term commitments.

Cash transactions :

  • Management of the cash transactions : expenses and receipts
  • Cash closing, cash login and check, replenishment, carrying forward the balances, cash securities tracking
  • Issuance of receipts.

Processing of banking relations :

Banks transactions from processing to automatic reporting: Assets deposit, charge backs, transaction notice, transfers, etc.

Withholdings management :

(Guarantees, taxes, etc.) with prints of adequate certificates and follow up per due date.

Up-load and track of bank guarantees

Production of the cash-flow tables

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