This application is the 5th module of the Financial and Accounting System Management. This system is meant to handle the Fixed Assets: Physical follow-up, directory and inventory.

It handles also the needs for the capital accounting valuation by breaking down the fixed assets changing values because of depreciations, repurchase, written-offs, revaluations, etc.

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A very rich identification file including :

  • References: Brand, model, serial N°, manufacturer, supplier
  • Separation of depreciable assets from non depreciable ones
  • Analytic allocation,
  • Modes of financing: Lease, property, rent, provision,
  • Type of holdings: Acquisition/own equities, bank investment, leasing, capital grant.

Relationship with purchases :

  • One-to-one link with purchase management (booking in the stock on acquisition via automatic import),
  • Break up of global invoices to monitor individually each asset.

Depreciations plans :

  • Consideration of all types of depreciations: Linear, digressive, variable,
  • Keeping simultaneously several depreciation charts:  Taxes, accounting, etc.
  • Possibility to modify the depreciation plan & mode for the same asset.

Specific functionalities for all types of movements :

  • Reallocation,
  • Reform/downgrading,
  • Transfer, sale
  • Revaluation,
  • Depreciation


  • Accounting
  • Physical
  • Recap per account
  • Detailed per asset

Automatic posting :

Via specific interfaces per free period within the same year.

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