Applications dealing with the daily office management incorporate transactions and business processes to handle the operating departments: organization, personnel, etc. These transactions and processes must be reflected in the accountancy in order to add value to the accounting entries made according to preset accounting rules and charts. Téléchargez le PDF
Usually, each application includes an interface called « automatic accounting interface » which has the following key functions :

  • A program to generate the entries automatically,
  • A program to validate and merge the entries generated into the global file of the year,
  • A program to print a logbook for check.

The accounting methods are consolidated into one application and its responsibility is given to one entity which controls the coordination between management and accounting.
This interface agregates cross-checking and accounting programs.

Modules of generation operate according to standards :

  • Detection of imbalanced entries before merge
  • Print of a generating report for the accountant to check the size of the processing
  • Print of the list of errors that were not generated
  • Impossibility to validate and merge a bunch including imbalanced entries or errors.
  • Print out standings: Warning on unaccounted periods.

Transactions that are subject to an accounting interface are :

  • Purchase and stock management
  • Payroll
  • Transactions extracted from the financial system :
    • Cash management
    • Fixed assets