Our software is a tool to manage inventory keeping, purchase and procurements, thus meeting any sales/distribution organism needs and requirements.
Endowed with a big capacity of integration, it has native interfaces with most of our applications: Accounting, Fixed assets, Budget, Sales Managements, etc...
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Large setting

  • All types of articles are taken into account:
    – Storable articles
    – Depreciable articles
    – Non storable articles (services)
  • All nature: Materials, spare parts, stationary, finished products, perishables like drugs, etc.
  • Directory of articles as per various identifying items: Internal codes, suppliers or manufacturers references, international codes, serial numbers.
  • Management of storage places, prices, currencies and units related to the same article that can be converted automatically when doing input and output.
  • Articles batch management associated  to date of manufacture and expiry date.

A very rich « Articles » record file

  • Full and extensive data: Replacement articles, valuation, taxes and fees, and purchase conditions per supplier.
  • Possibility to link a photo to each article.
  • Guarantee data follow up.

Processing the complete purchase cycle

  • Upload purchase movements from internal, purchase and price requests, till orders, deliveries and billing with automatic track of articles that have been honored or not honored within two phases of a cycle.
  • Bundling and splitting of purchases and deliveries.
  • Supervision and control of budget when processing the orders.
  • Review of suppliers conventions and analysis of quality standards  per partner

Management of multi-stores inventory

  • Upload Stores inventory movements:Withdrawals, transfers, manufacturing, losses and damages, etc.

Online movements

  • The movements are put online for a real time access per article, or according to other criteria.
  • Automatic conversion of units and prices between purchase, storage and delivery depending on packaging.

Inventories management

  • Processing the inventories (counted and physical) per situation, retrospective, according to Law ABC per storage place or consolidated.


  • Automatic accounting of purchases and stocks including analytics, on stock and purchase accounts levels through a dedicated interface.

Supervision & analysis tools

  • Possibility  to know the stock per article, per storage place and per article of replacement.