HRM-01 Referential & Personnel Data Base

HRM-01 Human Resources Referential & Personnel Data Base

The first application HR01 is the core of the Human Resources System & Payroll Management and the other two applications are built around it : HR02 : Pay, and HR03 Career management.

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The processed data are :

  1. General parameters, indicators (rates, amounts, brackets, etc.) in the personnel code, accounting parameters, statistics brackets and definition of some statements columns.
  2. Human Resources Referential built on various codifications :
    • Jobs aspects: Functions, senior level jobs, hierarchies, titles
    • Qualifications : Degrees, training, traineeship
    • Ratings: Sections, rates, assessors,
    • Evaluations : sanctions, grounds, advancements
    • Salaries scale: types, positions, values in lines & columns
    • dentifying information: Handicaps, status: military, schooling
    • Definition of times: Personalized calendar, periods and working hours, types of leaves, surcharged hours
    • Wages & salaries types: Types of pay, sections, definition of sections and entitlement conditions, external formulas, tax scales, identification information & attributes, standard brackets, etc.
    • Recruitment: Types and forms of applications and contracts
    • Medical referential: Services and medical acts, categories of hospitalization, recognized centers, etc.
    • Transport referential
    • Delivery of documents and certificates referential: Types of documents, types of depositors, etc.
    • Processes and career events: Configuration, events and related actions
    • Thirds: Social funds, insurances unions, mutual insurance groups, other institutions, etc.
    • Accounting codifications: Offices and budgets types, accounts, etc.
  3. Personnel data base built on :
    • Personnel identification information as well as automatic generation of rights and wages subject to positions and characteristics
    • Family cluster & up-date functions whenever changes occur.
    • Information on loans and scheduled holdbacks handled according to the period: Unlock applications, refunds, commitments and debts management.
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