HRM-02 Personnel Payroll

The application HRM02 PAYROLL in the HRM System GRH draws up the parameters, values, rates, calculation scales et formulas from the HRM referential, as well as personnel data sheets information, details on loans and scheduled holdbacks. All these data are needed to highlight the processings made in the application HRM03 « Career Management ». Focus is put on clock-ins and clock-outs, leaves, and any other event which affects calculation (family/administrative status changes, etc.). Téléchargez le PDF
The application PAYROLL includes a group of important functionalities :

  1. Management of variable elements on top of the elements generated automatically from career events: Attendance, absence, etc.
  2. The different processes of calculation of all types of pay: Normal pay, leave pay, extra pay including pays in foreign currencies of staff sent abroad, etc. as well as paybacks following adjustments or changes in status.
    Calculation is locked per period and reports are issued to check if there are errors.
    Rules and formulas with their conditions are taken out from the HR referential for calculation procedures purposes.
  3. Printing functions: Tens of salaries statements are produced periodically :
    • Pay bulletins
    • Pay books
    • Recapitulative and comparative charts.
  4. Electronic statements and settlements :
    • Social & fiscal returns
    • E-statement and electronic transfers.
  5. Execution functionalities, refusals before or after execution with re-payment procedures.
  6. Closing :
    • Automatic posting
    • Closing
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